Celebrating the world of movies and its true superstars, not the actors and actresses but the directors, producers and thee writers, the puppet masters if you will. Im not saying brilliant actors can bring a unique punch of life on screen but i think they have enough praise, so join me as i write and celebrate about those behind the cameras sititng and watching over there work of art come to life.

If your like me and you love the movies then join me on my journey as I search and share great behind the scene stories, habits and rituals of the biggest , the craziest and most inspiring movie creators to ever live. If you love a little bit of tivia then stay tuned, So just to start you off how about this for a little trivia...

-It was often reported that Hitchcock was afraid of his own films, unable to bring himself to watching them, much as most of us do we todays most terrifying horrors.+

-Hitchcock attempted to purchase every copy of the book 'psycho' so that no would would know how it ended

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